Our Story

For many years since migrating from Italy in 1954, Renzo Bortot has been making his own pasta sauces, smallgoods and even wines for his own personal use. These were based on recipes and traditions from his homeland.


Over the years Renzo has refined the recipes incorporating Australian ingredients and way of life. Today his daughter continues the tradition but has expanded it into this small business so everyone can have access to the luscious pasta sauces.


More Than a Mouthful commenced in June 2004 and is a small business whose aims are to produce the best tomato pasta sauces on the market using quality and only natural ingredients.


A boutique business

More than a Mouthful is a boutique business that specialises in home-made pasta sauces and preserves.


Our aim is to make beautiful pasta sauces just like you’d find in Italy or those you’d like to make for yourself. We only use natural ingredients and cook in small quantities so that taste is not compromised.


Our products are shelf stable so you can keep a few handy jars in your pantry ready to heat and serve when you’re short of ideas for a quick meal, or have drop in guests and hungry teenagers.


Our range includes 7 varieties, each appealing in their own way.



Once you have a taste, you’ll be asking for more!
An Italian family tradition that keeps on feeding
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