Butter Curds

Good old fashioned lemon butter and passionfruit butters.
We use free-range eggs and only use all Australian ingredients.
What’s not to love. Combine these products with yogurt, spread on toast or pancakes, sandwich in between biscuits, swirl through ice-cream. Limited only by your imagination.



Lemon Butter Curd
as old fashioned as it gets

Made only with lemons, free-range eggs, butter and sugar,
it's a little bit wicked but very moreish.


Contains only natural ingredients:

Sugar, free range eggs, lemon juice, butter,lemon zest
Gluten Free ~ Vegan



Butter Curd

Similar to Lemon butter but more tart with whole passionfruit pulp.


Contains only natural ingredients:

Sugar, free range eggs, lemon juice, butter, passionfruit (15%)
Gluten Free




Our marmalades are made with fruit, sugar and water. That’s it.
No pectin or other nasties. Only local ingredients are used.



Three citrus Marmalade,
made with Blood Oranges, Ruby Grapefruits and Lemons

A lovely marmalade to have on your morning toast or even with pre
and post dinner cheeses.


Contains only natural ingredients:

Sugar, blood orange, ruby grapefruit, lemon, water
Gluten Free ~ Vegan


Lime Marmalade,
made only with lime and sugar this marmalade has an intense lime flavour

Contains only natural ingredients:

Sugar, limes, water
Gluten Free ~ Vegan




Preserved Lemons,
an essential ingredient
in every pantry

Our preserved lemons contain only salt and lemons.
They keep well in the fridge once opened and will last a very long time. 
Many uses in Middle Eastern cooking or anything that needs zushing up with strong lemon flavour. Use sparingly as the salty lemons impart a very strong flavour to any dish or salad.


Contains only natural ingredients:

Lemons (91%), salt
Gluten Free ~ Vegan

Take me back to my preserve

Once you have a taste, you’ll be asking for more!
An Italian family tradition that keeps on feeding
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